Climate solutions for the built environment

We contribute to high-performance, low carbon buildings from concept to completion.

Life Cycle Assessment & Certification

We will help to identify which certification(s) may be most appropriate for a project, considering building size, typology, site, context, sustainability objectives, and more. Our LCA methodology will detail a scope of assessment that aligns with a given targeted industry certification.

Envelope Design and Material Specification

We specialize in providing Whole Life Carbon (WLC) solutions for building envelopes. This includes the use of advanced tools and techniques such as building energy modeling (BEM) software, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodologies, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to optimize the thermal performance of building envelopes and reduce the embodied carbon of the building over its entire lifecycle.

Circular Design Strategy

Deconstruction and reuse are crucial steps in the shift to circular systems, reducing waste and emissions from construction, renovation, and demolition. Architects can use building design specifications to implement these strategies. We collaborate with project teams to recommend local, recycled/upcycled materials and products and prioritize involvement of local trades and crafts-people.

Benchmarking & Analysis

The necessary first question is half of what?  We work with our partners to benchmark current practice in order to set targets  against which future progress can be measured. We support project teams by providing embodied carbon analysis, material selection options, and comparative studies to identify reductions throughout the design process.