Climate solutions for the built environment

Ha/f was founded to drive reductions of embodied and operational carbon in the built environment. We believe that a more sustainable model of construction is ultimately more affordable - that by taking a whole-life perspective we can find savings in both cost and carbon. We provide Life Cycle Assessment, certification, and mitigation strategies for architects, engineers, developers, and institutions towards reducing the impacts of building construction and operations on our climate and planet.

assessment & analysis

Our team are experts on Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment (wbLCA) services for new construction projects. By providing clients with achievable embodied and operational carbon reduction opportunities, for a wide range of building types, we are able to inform decision-making to balances design, cost, constructability and carbon. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge so that Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) are ubiquitous throughout the building and construction in dustry.

research & policy

In collaboration with public, private, and non-profit sector organizations we conduct research to develop the effectiveness of wbLCA policy and methods in the Greater Toronto Area. Communication across all sectors is vital to achieve emission reduction goals. As these skills become accessible across the industry we are looking ahead to accelerate the adoption of circular economy principals and a bio-based material supply chain.

advocacy & education

Our mission is to promote education and best practices in embodied carbon and LCA. We believe that our industry must rapidly adopt LCA and understand the impact of the construction sector on climate change. As a globally acknowledged authority in embodied carbon, LCA and sustainable design, we actively raise awareness by presenting at conferences, educating professionals such as architects, engineers, developers, and planners, and advocating for industry-wide adoption of sustainable practices.

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