Climate solutions for the built environment

The construction and operation of buildings represent most of a city’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

We established ha/f to work with designers, planners, and city builders to halve these emissions, this decade.

ha/f of what?

Ha/f was founded to question the environmental impacts of the materials and systems used to build our buildings. Addressing how we build our cities will be one of the most important challenges to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.

life cycle assessment

Our team are experts on Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment (wbLCA) and circular economy services for new construction projects. We provide clients with carbon reduction and material reuse opportunities to balance design, cost, constructability and carbon.

circular economy

We are advancing the adoption of the circular economy through pioneering research and demo deconstruction projects. A focus on material reuse maximizes resource efficiency, minimizing waste to reshape the future of construction practices.

research & policy

We work with public, private, and non-profit sector organizations to conduct research on wbLCA and circular economy policy in the GTA.  We are looking ahead to accelerate the adoption of the circular economy, bio-based materials, and high-performance buildings.

advocacy & education

It is our mission to teach whole life carbon best practice. As a globally active collaborator in whole life carbon and sustainable design, we can be a conduit of knowledge sharing as we advocate for industry-wide adoption of sustainable practices.

about ha/f

Please reach out and connect with us whether as a client, collaborator, or fellow advocate for the built-environment. To learn more about our team see "about ha/f" or contact us at